Is the hybrid workplace the future office?

Is the hybrid workplace the future office?

2022-02-01 • Respaces x Insights

Humans are extremely social creatures. One could argue that remaining isolated at home defies human nature. In order to produce quality work and maintain a strong company culture, the workforce depends on the ability to regularly collaborate and socialize face-to-face. With the majority of people unable to go into the office throughout 2020, employees are excited about the possibility of returning to work safely.

With massive workplace shifts having occurred throughout the past year, it begs the question––what should employees expect upon return? While over the past decade cubicles have phased out in favor of open floor plans, social distancing regulations have caused many to question if these layouts will remain.

“The open office won’t be dead,” says Lasse Karvinen, head of products at Framery, “But the office that doesn’t support collaboration will be.”

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