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Hotel At Six is a destination where contemporary art​,​ fine dining​,​ and exquisite interior design meet to create a modern luxury hotel in central Stockholm. In collaboration with Respaces​,​ At Six now offers private office facilities​,​ so-called Safe Spaces​,​ for those who find it challenging to work at home. Booking a Safe Space means working privately in a hotel room with access to all needed facilities such as a desk​,​ comfortable seating​,​ a bathroom and beautiful lighting. Easily rent online​,​ by the day​,​ no strings attached (8–17​,​ mon-sun)

Vad du får:

  • Snabbt Wi-Fi
  • Obegränsad tillgång till kaffe/te/vatten
  • Skrivbord
  • Stor skärm


  • Skrivare
    You can print by emailing the reception
  • Parkering
    No dedicated parking lot to At Six, however, the parking at Gallerian mall is located nearby
  • Husdjur är välkomna
    Yes, you can bring your pet


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