Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a workspace?
Creating an account is easy and fast. You can sign up online with:
• a valid email address and password
• your Facebook credentials
What type of workspaces can I find on Respaces?
There are currently three categories of workspaces that you can search for and book on the Respaces marketplace, depending on your work situation.

Coworking - we offer coworking daypasses all around Stockholm. We offer both social coworking as well as focus coworking that is more tailored for those moments you need to work without interruptions. What to expect from each workspace is clearly described under each listing but essentials such as all day coffee & fast wi-fi are always included in the price.

Meeting Spaces - we offer meeting spaces for all occasions - whether it's a creative brainstorming session or a board meeting. Simply add the amount of participants and the equipment you are looking for in the search bar and you will find what you are looking for. Coffee is always included in the price for all meeting members.

Private Offices - we offer private offices by the day for those days you need to concentrate or stay in a small group. Coffee is always included in the price. You can browse all of our spaces online. We are constantly looking to expand our offers, if you have any suggestions - don't hesitate to drop us an email at
What are the benefits of booking through Respaces?
At Respaces, we want to change the way you find and book workspaces. We pride ourselves on providing transparent pricing, no-hassle online booking, and a commitment to safeguarding you and your bookings. We believe in a modern lifestyle where you have the freedom to customize workspaces to your needs - without expensive and long contracts.
What is Respaces?
Respaces is two-sided marketplace for booking and listing workspaces for a variety of uses.
We connect unused workspaces with companies and remote workers who seek a cost efficient and flexible workspace solution that allows people to access different types of workspaces for every occasion. Always online booking, no fuss or strings attached.

To build a thriving marketplace, Respaces works with Real Estate- Owners and Tenants of all types who own unused spaces to help them make more efficient use of their space, allowing them to safely and conveniently share it with other professionals in need.

If you have a space you would like to list as a host, you can add your space here.
How do I create an account to list a space?
Creating an account is easy and fast, you simply sign up online. You can create an account with a valid email address or Facebook credentials. When setting up your account, please keep in mind that hosts are required to provide the following information for verification purposes:

• Have some photos to show the guests your space
• Think about how much you want to charge (you can change it whenever you want)
• Think about availability
• Set up a Stripe account for secure and admin-free payouts
• One or two email addresses where you want your confirmation emails sent
How does Respaces market my space?
As a trusted partner in the Respaces community, you benefit from ongoing promotion of your space. Here are some of the main ways we are actively marketing your listing.

Online advertising
At Respaces, our goal is to bring you loads of bookings. We are happy if you are happy.
That's why we have an awesome in-house team of digital marketing experts that are fully committed to bring quality guests to your space. We're all about creating relevant content and are active on all social channels as well as push paid advertising, where we are spending cash to bring interested guests in the door.
In addition, we do our best to keep people engaged once they have shown interest in your space. When someone visits your listing, we’ll start to show them advertisements that feature photos of your space to keep you top of mind. This technique is incredibly effective and is automatically applied to your listing on Respaces.

We know our customers
We believe in building an insight driven marketplace. That's why we are putting lot of effort and time into interviewing our users. Based on these insights we bring quality recommendation on how you can improve your workspace.
Will the coronavirus interfere with Respaces operations?
Due to the current situation with covid-19, we’re taking all precautions together with our partners to keep you safe. We follow the recommendations of the Swedish health authority closely and our partners are updating their cleaning routines daily.

We’re now offering daily rental of Private offices, aka “Safe Spaces” as an alternative to working from home. Stay calm, be responsible and stay safe ♥︎
How can I get in contact with you?
We would love to hear from you. If you have any recommendations, feedback or just want to chat - drop us an email at